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Face shape is just as important as the fit. See which Sed style we recommend for your face shape.


- You have equally wider cheekbones distinguished with an equally wide forehead and jawline

- Your chin is rounded

Rounded faces look great in frames that are angular and sharper, adding definition to your curved features.

Shop Round Recommendations


- Your face has angular lines and prominently square jawline

- Your forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are similar in width

Any frame with a curved shape will look great, balancing your angular features with a more rounded frame.

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- Forehead and jaw are proportionately similar in width

- Rounded jaw and chin

Just about any style frame will look wonderful on your face, as this is considered a universally flattering face shape. 

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- Your forehead and jawline are the widest parts of the face, with cheekbones narrowing into jawline

- You have a narrow chin

You want to mimic your face shape for the most flattering look. Any frame that is wider on top and tapers out towards the bottom will look great.

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